Ideal space for the development of high demand events.

  • 9,200 m² (99027.98 ft²) free of columns, divisible in 5 rooms.
  • Automatic soundproof moving wall system.
  • 15 m height (49.2126 ft) and 7 metric ton by m² floor support.
  • Capacity for 500 3x3 meter (9.84252ft) stands.
  • Specialized service for stands: compressed air, water, drain, voice and data, 110 v, 220v and 480 v power, feed every 9 m² (96.8752 ft²).
  • 2,400 m² (25833.39 ft²) lobby.
  • Strategic areas designated for food and beverages.
  • Access area restricted for planner offices, customer service and attendees.

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